Classical Music Better than Fertilizer for Crops

Though some think him a bit crazy, a wine grower in Italy cultivates his vines with classical music. He believes that classical music is as important as sunshine and good soil. He uses music to keep parasites, molds and pests away and help with the vines’ development.

This wine grower also insists that classical music is best. Through a network of speakers, his vineyard enjoys Beethoven, Maler and Vivaldi. So explains a special CNN report.

Benefits of the music are literally visible as those vines closest to the speakers ripen faster. He claimsmusic helps his grapes grow healthier and stronger. His vineyard produces about 35,000 bottles of wine a year, which sells very quickly with about a third of it coming to the US.

This vintner’s success has caught the attention of the University of Florence that is now studying the benefits of music on plants. They say it is too early to provide a definitive conclusion, but they do agree that this vineyard is growing stronger because of the music.