3 Ways Stress Is Literally Making You Lose Your Mind

Stress seems so common today that many people don't give it much thought.

People stress about their jobs…

People stress about their bills…

People stress about the economy, politics, and so much more…

I think it's fair to say that stress is everywhere these days.

While many people accept it as normal, we shouldn't just sit here and not do anything about it.

It's a widely known fact that stress affects our health.  People who are regularly stressed are more prone to being sick and living with a compromised immune system.

This level stress can lead to heart attacks, depression, cancer, insomnia, loss of libido, and more…

But did you know that stress also affects our brains?

I'm not just talking about our mental or emotional state, but rather the functionality of our brain.

Stress is literally destroying brain cells and impacting the size and function of specific regions of the brain.

Here are three ways that stress is literally making you lose your mind…

#1:  As part of our body's natural stress response, a hormone called cortisol is released.  While at certain times, this can be a good thing, ongoing stress and the release of cortisol affects our brain activity and function.

Psychology Today refers to this stress reaction (and cortisol) as “Public Enemy #1” because of its impact on learning, memory, and emotional regulation.

What's the big deal you might ask?

Two separate studies published in Science, in 2013, demonstrated that increased cortisol levels were a potential trigger for mental illness.

#2:  Continued periods of high stress is also believed to impact our ability to make decisions, to mentally manipulate data in real time (working memory), and impacts our control of impulsive behavior.

Chronic stress can also shrink the medial prefrontal cortex.

As a result, our brains have to work harder to learn and remember things.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you left a pot of water boiling on the stove and forgot it was there…

Or maybe you just got off an important phone call with a family member or loved one, and you forgot what you were supposed to do right after hanging up…

It could be as simple as forgetting a phone number or account number five seconds after you heard it (and were certain you knew it)…

#3:  Stress also negatively impacts our ability to form and store memories.  

When cortisol is released, it affects the size and function of our amygdala.  This region of the brain is directly related to how we process emotional situations and make meaning of them in the long run.

In other words, if we are stressed out, there is a greater likelihood that we will pair a particular memory (even a positive memory) poorly because of our state of mind at the time.

This can lead to an increase in anxiety, fear, and aggression and ultimately impacts our relationships with other people.

Can you even imagine what it would be like if you can't remember your child's birthday?

Or when you got married…

Or how to drive a car…

Would you want to settle for that?

Shrinking of the prefrontal cortex has also been linked to other terrifying conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Life seems harder today, and because stress is so common, many people don't give it a second thought.

As I mentioned earlier, stress affects our health.  Stress can lead to heart disease, cancer, a compromised immune system, and so many other illnesses…

That means we lose time at work.  We lose precious time with our family and loved ones.  We miss out on so many things we enjoy doing on a daily basis…most of which we don't even think about.

The good news is, you don't have to let stress affect you like this.

You can overcome stress and its impact without dangerous drugs or expensive surgeries.

Would you like to learn how?

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